Guide to Buying Glasses Online

12 January 2017

Prada glasses

Prada glasses
When shopping for glasses online, especially for the first time, many people feel nervous. When you are buying brand name glasses, you need to be especially careful.


At Snart Vision Shop we sell authentic glasses only and certainly know who does not. We gladly share our advice on how to get best deal for your online purchase while making sure you are getting what you want.

1. Verify return's policy.

Knowing website's return's policy will give you knowledge what you are signing up for. It is great if you can return your purchase. But don't expect you can always do that. Some websites don't allow returns at all and some limit returns to type of glasses you are buying. To be fair, if you are getting prescription glasses, they would be made in the same manner as in street optical store. Lenses would need to be made to your personal prescription and frames manipulated with to install the lenses. Most of legit websites will not allow returns for brand name frames that had custom lenses installed into them, simply because they would be losing money on you. Designer glasses bare high cost to the retailer, online or street store. If website promises that you can return always at no conditions, be ware, they may not be selling authentic.

2. Verify wording on the website.

Normally when you pay with Visa and MasterCard, your purchase is protected by the credit card. If website says that they are selling authentic and turns out it's not, you can deal with your credit card to get refunded. But experienced website would know this, and they will not use such words as 'authentic', 'genuine', 'real' anywhere in product descriptions. At we use such words through out and you can hold us against them. We operate honest business.

3. Question the low price

Designer glasses may appear as cheap to make, but they are expensive to retailer. There are many fees to brand name factory in addition to manufacturing that make designer glasses expensive. For example multi-million dollar advertising fees, brand goodwill maintenance, distribution fees, shipping and order processing. All famous designers have local offices in many countries and pay local salaries to people who fulfill your order. When all fees added up the pure cost of your designer glasses suddenly is in tens, or sometimes hundreds of dollars. Most of designer glasses are made in Italy. Glasses assembly and polishing is a manual process which costs big bucks to manufacturer. Same expensive labour goes into packing your order and delivering it to the retailer. If the online price is much lower than street retailer, be ware. There is no magic out there.

4. Request proof of authenticity

At SmartVisionShop we are very open to supply proof of poduct authenticity even before it's shipped to you. You can e-mail us at [email protected] to get proof. Legitimate websites may not offer this to you off the bet, but they will be able to satisfy such requests or anwer to all your concerns. Illegitimate websites simply will ignore your e-mails or calls.

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