Payment in Secured Environment

At Smart Vision Shop website all payments are done via secured environment and encrypted pages. Credit card information is not stored at our servers.

Payment Policy

Payments are handled in two steps. First, when you just placed an order payment is pre-authorized by your bank. It means that payment will appear on your online banking in Pending or Pre-Approved section. Second step is when payment is actually taken. For sunglasses payments are taken on the day order is shipping. For prescription glasses when order is marked for processing. When payment is taken, it will show in Transactions on your online banking. At this point payment will disappear from the Pending transactions and only show in actual transactions.

Accepted Currencies

All prices on Smart Vision Shop are in US dollars. We accept payment in all currencies. If you use international credit card, payment will be converted to US dollars. On your statement payment will appear in your own currency converted from total amount. So if you paid in Canadian Dollars, and total purchase price is for example $200, your card would have been charged around $250 Canadian Dollars. 

Accepted Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.