About Smart Vision Shop

Smart Vision Shop is an online optical store specializing in luxury designer eyewear and high quality prescription lenses.

What sets us apart from other websites is that we offer same premium quality glasses and lenses as a luxury optical boutique selling brand name glasses and brand name lenses by world leading manufacturers. 

Our customers want to get value for their money and convenience of buying online without compromising the quality. There are many websites that offer just glasses frames or sunglasses or they offer cheap frames and cheap lenses. Our company operates with the idea in mind that high quality glasses can be purchased online in similar manner as they can be purchased in person.

The traditional way of buying glasses would be a customer going to the store, looking at a few dozen glasses frames and picking to buy one. Then, customer would present their prescription to order lenses. At Smart Vision Shop, the process is similar. You would first choose your frames from thousands available choices on our website. Then, you would pick which lenses you need, present details of your prescription and order lenses.

One major difference in ordering from Smart Vision Shop is that you know exactly which lenses and which lenses options you are ordering. Your order confirmation will contain which lenses type (Reading, Distance, Computer, Progressive) you are ordering, as well as lenses brand (Essilor, Nikon) and other options such as special coatings or lenses sub-brand.

When ordering progressive lenses, you would need to receive the glasses frames in the mail first, measure your height (lenses reading portion) as per our instructions and send frames back to us. While many websites estimate height, we beleive, just as all professional optical stores belive that height can only be properly measured when glasses are on customer's face. At Smart Vision Shop we sell high quality custom lenses made to your prescription and the glasses frames individual fit.

Please take time to explore our website and if you have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]