Hugo Boss Art Collaboration with Jeremyville

9 January 2019

Hugo Boss is experimenting with styles to diversify their product from elegant suit to styles that are relevant for people who wear other clothing. Their recent collaboration with Jeremyville, an Australian artist, raised the bar of what art and fashion mixes should look like.

Jeremyville is an architect by education and seeing his work in fashion is inspiring for people who study art related subjects but not classically trained as artists. In his recent interview to Hugo Boss Jeremyville said that architecture is a large part of his creations due to high precision this discipline requires.

Creating eyeglasses requires a great deal of precision. Every millimeter matters during design production and often for the customers as well. Unlike clothing, eyeglasses sizes measured in millimeters, ex. Size 50 would mean 50 millimeters. Or for the temple size would be 140 millimeters. Many eyeglasses designers studied architecture or industrial design. Hugo Boss eyewear has always had somewhat architectural style. We now understand more about the criteria Hugo Boss uses to attract talent.